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Lies We Believe

It's alarming how manipulative our minds work. Our eyes see brilliantly the things we crave. Our hearts flutter to agree. Life, I mean, this world surely agrees to our lies. The "American Dream" is vanquished when what we felt isn't coming true. For instance, motherhood seemingly is joyful. Every mother battles the thoughts of finding joy within themselves apart from being a mom. Then we battle the thoughts of, "how horrible must I be, to not be joyful? I have these kids that God surely blessed me with. I must be ungrateful." We then start a woe is me pity-party confused why we believed in the first place anything, any person, any place would fill us with joy. You know, it's all normal. We all think the same thoughts one time or another. Whether it be about ourselves, our kids, our marriages or our friendships. God desires us all to acknowledge He's the giver of joy and fulfillment. The Kings James Bible says this, “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” King James Version (KJV)

May we find ourselves being pulled back into truth. Jesus Christ died for our sins, which means we're free from the lies of ourselves, the enemy and this world which tries to impart standards on us. I am allowed to feel like I don't want to be around my kids, that they fluster me and I need alone me-time, not "mommy-time" but me, a woman after God's heart. I am not solely one title, "mom" or "wife" but I am me. God created me, set me apart and predestined my future for His glory. That includes you too! You who are reading this. If your alive and breathing, don't you realize that very breath you inhale is the breath of God. Genesis says, He spoke and the world in it and the hosts thereof were created. Breath is life and Life is Christ. That thought in itself brings clarity and joy. Repositioning our minds on Christ and off of self and what I desire oddly is satisfying.

The word continues to tell us to stand on God's promises. If we take Hebrews promise of "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee", we have to not ignore the conditional aspect of the scripture. Which tells us what to do. You do "this" and "that" will happen. If we don't entertain the conversations of our false feelings and trying to obtain something we clearly already obtain from Christ, then we can peacefully see He hasn't left us. Our joy is met in Christ. All of the mind consuming headaches of what we believed to be true were just a ploy to divert our mind from God and position them on ourselves in puffed up pride.

Have you found yourself searching lately? Searching outside of Christ's fullness. Well, it is time to stop fighting. There will never be anything more then the love from God, the saving grace obtained through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection and the discernment of the Holy Spirit in your lives. Simply, grab your bibles and fill up on the word that will fill your hearts and minds with bread everlasting. Leaving you not wanting for nothing. But, shockingly full of gratitude for the Heavenly Father. Finding you're full of joy already. We just simply needed our minds eye checked and our hearts cleansed by the Word of knowledge.

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