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Defining "easy" Words

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Have you noticed our brain scans over the simplest words while reading them such as "let" or "come", because we subconsciously know their definitions. Or do we? Learn how understanding the simplest words in scripture changes your very perspective and how it can catapult your life in the right direction.

"Defining Words", determine if a thought will become coherent or not. Every believer must grasp this concept. In order for you to truly understand scripture you must be able to interpret it. It's as easy as, "Siri, tell me what this means or Google...", We literally have research at our fingertips. " Being a researcher requires inspiration and constant dedication. Inspiration from the Holy Spirit and dedication to God, rebuking the fleshly desires to be lazy and pursuing Jesus in the scriptures. So, let's say you're reading the Word of God and cannot retain what you just read, doesn't it make you feel like, "what the heck did I just read!?" Imagine all that time spent whether it be thirty minutes or an hour, wasted because you couldn't grasp the concept written. If this is you, then you came to the right place! Here you will learn how to wisely use your time by dissecting the "easy words". In other words, doing your research. And you'll be able to apply that concept to all the scripture you seek.

Let's Dive In

"Being a researcher requires inspiration and constant dedication."

There are a couple of famous people that come to mind who lived for research, one is Neil Armstrong. He once said,"Research is creating new knowledge". I find this quite interesting. The world may even say Mr. Armstrong was by far a smarter man than most. And do you know why? Because he applied himself daily. Researching the very thing he desired most. Now imagine Mr. Armstrong applying himself to the Word of God. Wouldn't God surely reveal himself to him? If this man being worldly and using his gifts for the world, succeeded, how much more would a believer trusting God to reveal the Word to him be? Lets be those researching believers. Below is our focus scripture. I will be showing you the defining words by English vs Greek definitions. Its important to see the original text definition to understand the scriptures more accurately. If you haven't already, I recommend purchasing a 'Strong's Exhaustive Concordance KJV'; this is my preference.

Digesting the Scriptures

Our focus word here is "Captivity"

First we read the scripture and off the top of your mind; what do you think the scripture in 2 Corinthians 10:5 is trying to say? Get an idea, look at each word used and define them as you read. There are words used in old English that may throw you off like "exalteth" but don't let it, usually the "eth" means continually or on-going. So now, that the old text is covered let's jump to what it could mean.

What's Your First Thought?

"To forget the things I'm imagining and everything evil or worldly thing that seems to be bigger than God and give every good thought I have to God and hope my prayers are heard and answered" says, reader E.S. from Nevada. Everyone has a perception and its neither right nor wrong. When it comes to reading the Word of God, the bible specifically tailors itself to that persons maturity and life. The Word of God says, we first come to Him as newborn babes desiring "milk" but to not stay there (1 Peter 2:2); we must grow and desire the "meat" of the Word. This maturity comes to all, but you do have a choice, to read, seek, and desire more of Him. This comes back to researching the Word of God.

What does "Captivity" Mean?

Let's take a look at the English definition. It is a noun, the condition of being imprisoned or confined. Now lets look at it in the Greek definition. Greek translations are shebhi, galah; aichmalotos which were most frequent references in the Old Testament and it means to captives as men forcibly deported or inhabiting a land foreign to them. It's important to review the culture to understand its text definition. When you combine both the English & Greek definitions you'll see a correlation.  They both reference being one place and then forced into another place; a foreign land.  Let's look at the second half of that scripture. "And bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." Now let's apply our defined words to tell us more of what that scriptures means. Let's say our thought we have that we want to bring into "captivity" is "we are unworthy". In order for us to apply this scripture we must, do what it says, and here it says "bring", ok Lord, I am placing at your feet the thoughts of my unworthiness, and "by force" or "taking them into a foreign land", I am making them obedient to God's Word. If the "unworthy" thought is normal to an unbeliever  (because they do not know the Word, and also who they are in Christ) then that makes "unworthy" a foreign concept for a believer (knowing who they are in Christ). Researching "defined words" is part 1, part 2 is knowing God's word, so you know how to counteract false thoughts. This allows you to see them coming before they make space for themselves in your mind. Thus, allowing you to use 2Cor. 10:5 in the right manner of warfare. Knowing God's Word is very crucial to war faring over your mind. God's Word says, "we are called, we are chosen, we are priceless", now doesn't that sound opposite of "unworthy". It is! So do you see, how knowing "defined words", doing the research paired with knowing the scriptures; equips you to be a warrior of Christ! Understanding the scriptures by the leading of the Holy Spirit into all truth will take you into your destiny.  

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